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Protect Your Furniture with Professional Finishing Services at Bix

Serving SE Michigan from St. Clair Shores

Finishing furniture, especially wooden pieces, is the most important step when it comes to repairs or restoration. This process is what gives the wood the appearance and type of characteristics that customers find desirable. Some benefits of finishing furniture include moisture resistance, durability over time, and improved hardness. Finishing your furniture also seals pores that may be undetectable.

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We Give Your Furniture the Appearance You Desire

Perhaps one of our customer’s favorite things about finishing is you can take a less expensive piece of wood and transform it through our finishing process to give it the appearance of a more luxurious, expensive furniture item. If you were to try to finish your furniture at home, it could be a long and messy process. Before we finish a piece, we first must strip it to the bare wood, remove stains, fill imperfections or holes, then we begin the refinishing process. Depending on your needs, we customize the process to include any staining, painting, or additional coloring of the wood you desire. We offer a variety of finish types, including wax, lacquer, varnish, and more. All pieces are sprayed in our new refinishing booth so that the coating is even and we can ensure every inch is covered.  With pick-up and delivery available, you can entrust us with your furniture restoration projects.

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