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Leave the Difficult Process of Furniture Stripping to Our Professionals

Serving SE Michigan from St. Clair Shores

Stripping is one of the hardest, messiest processes when it comes to furniture restoration. Wooden pieces can acquire many coats of paint and finishes over the years. Rather than risking the dangerous chemicals that come with DIY stripping, let our experts handle the job safely for you. 

Image of Stripping Furniture

Based on Your Needs, We Help You Determine Whether Stripping is Right for Your Piece of Furniture

In some instances, stripping your furniture of any coatings may not be necessary, such as if you plan to have the piece painted afterward or if you are attempting to remove stain from wood. Our experts will carefully strip your wooden furniture to rid any extra coating. Our careful process avoids scratches or gouges the wood to keep its original condition intact. Following our furniture stripping process, our finishing department takes over and begins to make your furniture look the way you want it to.

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