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Rely on Us for Furniture Upholstery Services for Headboards, Chairs, Couches, Booths, and More

Serving SE Michigan from St. Clair Shores

Sometimes, your furniture does not need to be replaced, it just needs to be updated with new upholstery. That is where our reupholstering services come in handy. Consider reupholstery instead of replacement as an option to your style changes. Depending on the fabric selection, it can be a less expensive route to take. No matter what your style is, be it with tufting, buttons, or something else entirely, you can rely on our experts to produce a piece you will love. If your upholstered items are worn down and need to be stuffed or restuffed, Bix can do it all.  

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We Upholster Furniture for Country Clubs, Interior Designers, and Residents of SE Michigan

Yes, we are here to restore and transform pieces of furniture to reflect your style better; however, we do so much more. Over our time in business, we have upholstered new furniture for commercial use and high-end interior designs across SE Michigan. Restaurants and country clubs will often contact us asking to upholster their booth seats. We work closely with interior designers to help them bring their clients’ visions to life. If you need one chair upholstered or 100 chairs reupholstered, Bix can help!

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